Test Results

The practice will not routinely contact patients to inform them of normal test results. If medication is required or a test requires to be repeated, the practice will contact the patient to inform them.

If you would like to request your test results, please use our online test results triage or contact the practice after 16:00, Monday-Friday. The receptionist will relay  the doctor’s comment(s) about your test(s) to you.

When results are received they must be screened by the doctor. Most results are back within one week but some results take longer so please be patient. Below we have listed the usual times for results:

  • X-Ray – Up to 4 weeks
  • Blood tests – Within 7 days
  • Urine – Within 7 days

Should you need to discuss your result(s), please submit an online request through the Consulting Room on our website, or a telephone request if you have no online access. Check the Doctors normal days of working here.

The practice can only provide and discuss results of tests carried out by the practice team. We are unable to provide, or discuss, results of tests carried out at the hospital.

Results of Smear Tests

Cervical Smears are offered for woman aged 25 to 65 years. For all normal routine recalls, if you are aged between 25-49 years you are invited every 3 years and every five years from age 50-65 years. When you are due your cervical smear the central team will send you your invitation. Abnormal smears may be more frequently.  Your result will be sent to you by post via the Community Screening service. For more information on Cervical Smears, you can log onto NHS Inform:


Results for patients over 16yrs can only be given to the patient, unless the patient has given explicit consent for their relative or carer to receive these on their behalf.

Laboratory Specimens

If you are asked to hand in a sample, please ensure you hand this in at reception before 13:30. Please ensure your name and date of birth are on the container. A specimen form should be completed when handing in your sample.