Renfrew Health & Social Work Centre, 10 Ferry Road, Renfrew, PA4 8RU

Telephone: 0141 207 7730
Out of hours: 111

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Registering with Us

Practice Catchment Area

The practice is happy to accept patients from all parts of Renfrew, covering the PA4 postal code. Our practice area covers all parts of Renfrew and Inchinnan.

If you change your address or telephone number please inform the practice. If you move out with the area covered by the practice you will have to register with a doctor in the area in which you are living.

For further information please contact reception.

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How to Register as a Patient

To register with the practice you should request new patient forms at the reception desk.

In accordance with Greater Glasgow and Clyde recommendations, all new patients should
present two forms of identification which proves residency and authenticates their identity. This is required to reduce and prevent fraudulent attempts to obtain or misuse NHS care. Overseas visitors may be asked for additional information to prove NHS entitlement.

One form of identity must ideally be photographic such as:

Drivers License
Official ID card from Public Services body
Student matriculation card (current year)

Other documents for proof of residency that are acceptable are:

Recent utility bill (within last 3 months)
Council Tax document
Television License
Payslips (last two months)
Rent book/agreement (Public Body or Private Landlord)
Bank Statement (Name and address section only required)
Solicitors Letter- (Clearly showing name and address)

If unable to provide photographic evidence then you must present one of the above and one of the following:

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Divorce / Annulment Papers.

N.B. The above list is not exhaustive and staff are entitled to ask for further proof if required. Please note you will not be registered with the practice if you cannot provide the documents required to prove NHS eligibility.

You will be offered the opportunity to have a new patient health check. This allows us to gather any relevant information we may require before your medical record is received from your former GP.

If you prefer a particular type of doctor e.g. female for female patients and vice versa we will do our best to accommodate this. You should note however that not all doctors in the practice provide all services and specific doctors may not be immediately available.

If you change your address or telephone number please inform the practice. If you move out with the area covered by the practice you will have to register with a doctor in the area in which you are living.

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Patients from Overseas

There are laid down guidelines for patients from overseas which vary depending on the country of origin. Additional / Other documentation may be required in these circumstances - the Practice Manager or Reception Staff can advise.

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Temporary Residents

Patients visiting from another area in the UK for a period of less than 3 months, and who become unwell, are entitled to be seen as a temporary resident. You will be able to make an appointment in the same way as one of our normally registered patients.

If you only require a supply of your regular medication and you are normally resident in Scotland, it may be possible to obtain this from a local pharmacy under the "unscheduled care" scheme. This will avoid any delay whilst waiting for a GP appointment. If you are ordinarily resident in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, it still may be possible for a pharmacist to liaise directly with your usual GP in order to arrange medication.

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Entitlement to NHS Treatment

The NHS is the UK’s state health service, which provides treatment for UK residents. Some services are free, other have to be paid for. The regulations that govern who can and can’t receive treatment are complex and may change. A person who is regarded as ordinarily resident in the UK is eligible for free treatment by a GP. A person is ‘ordinarily resident’ for this purpose if lawfully living in the UK for a settled purpose as part of the regular order of his or her life for the time being. Anyone coming to live in this country would qualify as ordinarily resident.

Overseas visitors to the UK are not regarded as ordinarily resident if they do not meet this description.

The following NHS treatment is available to anyone: -

Treatment in an emergency (but not follow up treatment)
Treatment of certain communicable diseases
Compulsory psychiatric treatment

To qualify for other NHS treatments you must meet certain conditions.

EU Nationals and NON EU Nationals

The regulations covering the above are complex. The Practice Manager and the Reception Team can advise on each individual situation for eligibility.